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Yep, you read it right - Time for a break.
Today we’ll be rehousing my Grammostola porteri (Common Rose Hair) into her new custom-made enclosure. Nothing else much to say cuz this video will be chill’d back and relaxed. Enjoy!
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
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  • Here I am, an ex-aracnaphobe finding this girl sweet haha 😄 Chilled vibes

    Andrew KingstonAndrew KingstonIl y a 21 jour
  • She looks cute 🥰

    Fénix 2683Fénix 2683Il y a mois
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  • Have you thought of getting a banana spider?

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    Stranger things !fanStranger things !fanIl y a mois
  • His rose hair is so cute!!

    [GD] SawCore[GD] SawCoreIl y a mois
  • what a lovely lady

    perrypowerperrypowerIl y a mois
  • Amazing

    ichigo senpaiichigo senpaiIl y a 2 mois
  • Is it just me or how did he know the genders of his tarantulas?

    Jaycel MercadoJaycel MercadoIl y a 2 mois
  • Where can I buy enclosures like yours

    Ash MilnerAsh MilnerIl y a 2 mois
  • I don’t think this one likes you?

    Queen Wolf.Queen Wolf.Il y a 2 mois
  • How do you keep track of all your tarantulas? I mean, which ones needs rehousing, things to check in days or weeks time, etc? Do you have a journal or agenda or do you simply remember each and every one of your beauties and their necessities?

    Xime C. R.Xime C. R.Il y a 2 mois
  • I have 11 subs now I’ll look in a meek to see how much more I can get :D

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  • a nice video

    arch illager minecraft doungensarch illager minecraft doungensIl y a 2 mois
  • Hey I just got a pet pink toe tarantula about two days ago any tips

    Happy' CHickHappy' CHickIl y a 2 mois
  • Nice! Keep reading :D You made it! Here’s a cookie :) 🍪

    ukiyoukiyoIl y a 2 mois
  • I’ve watched you for a while and my spider phobia is still there

    Gamer_GodGamer_GodIl y a 2 mois
  • Me and ya aggressive spiders are the same souls

    MacGyver DallasMacGyver DallasIl y a 2 mois
  • have you ever got bitten or something?.

    who’s joe Renwho’s joe RenIl y a 2 mois
  • Can you crossbreed tarantulas?

    Royal ReeseRoyal ReeseIl y a 2 mois
  • how expensive did all of this cost

    HyperantiHyperantiIl y a 2 mois
  • 2 years being a fan of exotics lair

    BoyfriendBoyfriendIl y a 2 mois
  • I'm Australia and I don't know if I can get a tarantula

    LetsGameLetsGameIl y a 2 mois
    • Australia...DUDE! You're surrounded by them 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Madame MolotovMadame MolotovIl y a 2 mois
  • One hand? 🤔 using hard steel to prod her? Smh

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  • Hi remember me your biggest fan? Sorry I haven’t said anything in a while cause I lost my old channel so this is my new channel Fabian Ramirez Fire2

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  • Hi I just know that you're the best expert on spiders please answer me my spider went to bolt and I went to shut its enclosure lid and it got caught underneath and I squished it a bit will it be ok I'm scared for it it's only a couple months old and it vomited what looked like blood it's a Mexican red rump

    love songslove songsIl y a 2 mois
    • What do I do

      love songslove songsIl y a 2 mois
  • I have aracnophobia but I still enjoy watching the tarantula videos 😂

    Chanel EvansChanel EvansIl y a 2 mois
  • Your videos are educational as well as entertaining! The Chilean rose hair looks SOOOO cute!

    jeff clarkjeff clarkIl y a 2 mois
  • He’s helping me to one I holded a spider a huge one

    Ryan AllyRyan AllyIl y a 2 mois
  • Hey love the videos where do you get the custom enclosures I would love to get my Ts in some custom made ones

    Bryer1994Bryer1994Il y a 2 mois
  • We

    Iris TorresIris TorresIl y a 2 mois
  • I can sympathize with arachnophobes because Im terrified of moths and butterflies but these fluffy babies r so cute it still makes no sense to me why people love butterflies and are afraid of these cuties 💖✨😭

    AgateAgateIl y a 2 mois
  • I like the happy calm tarantulas that gently take the food from the tongs then do a happy booty shake dance.

    psilynt1psilynt1Il y a 2 mois
  • I have a question that i think is very important. Does anyone know why my rose hair tarantula is eating her Styrofoam wall? Is it normal for them to do that or is it poisonous. Should i maybe change her enclosure maybe? If anyone reads this and know the answer then just reply in the comments.

    NGZNNGZNIl y a 2 mois
  • Can you do watering video please

    Jose Lino GonçalvesJose Lino GonçalvesIl y a 2 mois
  • Artificial plants are so fucking lame.

    Sine NomineSine NomineIl y a 2 mois
  • Pls update on white tree frog we haven’t see her in ages

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  • Do you call all your on name pets she ?

    come play adopt me with Sophia and Cliodhnacome play adopt me with Sophia and CliodhnaIl y a 2 mois
  • Hey I have seen a video were a spider is eating butter are you able to explain to me why they eat butter and if it is even provide nutriens for the spider? I personally would never feed butter to an spider Sorry for my bad english

    Segnum DedraSegnum DedraIl y a 2 mois
  • Love this channel am I love spiders

    Laura GriffithsLaura GriffithsIl y a 2 mois
  • This is a spider prison. Poor creatures.

    BIGMIKEBIGMIKEIl y a 2 mois
    • Ahhhh I knew if I scrolled down enough I'd find you hey man do you know anyone named Jessica?

      BS.BuddahBS.BuddahIl y a mois
    • Are you some activist or something. The spiders will live longer in controlled environments because they are protected from predators and illnesses. And it also helps people learn about spiders and recognize them.

      Imperial DoggoImperial DoggoIl y a 2 mois
  • *flashback to mini obt rehousing*

    AcidballAcidballIl y a 2 mois
  • Would like to see a video how you clean the cubes

    Batwomen x3Batwomen x3Il y a 2 mois
  • I like to watch thies video and I love the night time feeding you do

    Emma OutwaterEmma OutwaterIl y a 2 mois
  • Heyyy crazy comment but i texted you on insta about my red eared slider if you could please take a look im rlly worried abt my turtle she develiped shell rot rlly bad during a move and i need some help

    juledabots 623juledabots 623Il y a 2 mois
  • hey man i just wanna say that your channel helped me with my fear of insects 😁 whenever i would see an insect i usually scurry away quickly but ever since i binge watched your videos, i had the courage to hold mantises and beetles alike. spiders are a different issue but im learning not to run away the instant i see them. tysm ❤

    notcisqnotcisqIl y a 2 mois
  • anybody giving away free tarantulas Im from Philippines

    Arkclyde GamingArkclyde GamingIl y a 2 mois
    • That’s against the law where I am from

      Imperial DoggoImperial DoggoIl y a 2 mois
  • If your taking a break fron defensive tarantulas how about trying offensive tarantulas

    ConTrolConTrolIl y a 2 mois
  • ok

    Banana BlockBanana BlockIl y a 2 mois
  • Hey bro any tips for a begginer I got a chako btw😁

    Good's Here!Good's Here!Il y a 2 mois
  • Why is my monocentropus balfouri is not eating

    Erwin HerwindoErwin HerwindoIl y a 2 mois
  • I have A question exo-lr ..

    Erwin HerwindoErwin HerwindoIl y a 2 mois
  • Early

    Zach The SniperZach The SniperIl y a 2 mois
  • Shiny butt! Has she molted?

    Lyrpa024Lyrpa024Il y a 2 mois
  • New keeper here. I’ve been keeping for around 6 months now and am very interested in the P. Metallica, is there a reason I shouldn’t get it because I’m a beginner? I don’t handle them but just admire them. My first T I started out with is an OBT so I don’t see a problem.

    Brian0311Brian0311Il y a 2 mois
  • Ur videos are cool

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  • Quick video aswell

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  • Awe I love this!!! Thanks Exotics, been a subscriber for two years and I have gotten over my fear of spiders. In fact..I now search for jumping spoods and chase/attempt to "handle" other ones...as long as they look "friendly". Lol!!! Black widows are still a no!

    BlushyBunny82BlushyBunny82Il y a 2 mois
  • How do you know which tarantulas or if they all do kick hair

    Trinity CrouchTrinity CrouchIl y a 2 mois
    • Well guessing that he owns a lot he can recognize them

      Imperial DoggoImperial DoggoIl y a 2 mois
  • I really like Rose Hairs actually. I had one for awhile that I got from a professor. She passed away after molting badly unfortunately. Kind of want another one tho, they're really underrated imo.

    RayneworldRayneworldIl y a 2 mois
  • Exotic Liar: "Shes not that big" Me: *Shows it to my Arachnophobic Frend* My friend: OH HEEEELLLL NO!!!!

    Erion NotᴀStarErion NotᴀStarIl y a 2 mois
  • Exotics Lair : please cmon girl come to my hand Rose mary :go away human im super shy today XDD

    mohamed ashrafmohamed ashrafIl y a 2 mois
  • can you make a "handling my tarantulas" video? :P

    St1cky GreeNSt1cky GreeNIl y a 2 mois
  • i miss ms.lord have mercy

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  • That is what we call hyperbole

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  • She is my FAVORITE of your brood. Thank you for showing her off

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  • I have a question is a blue fanged skeleton tarantula a good starter tarantula?

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  • I’m very scared of spiders but will hold a snake poisonous or non poisonous but I think they they very beautiful

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  • I'm looking to buy my first one and don't know where to get one for a good price. (I'm looking for a Brachypelma Boehmie, 3"-4" inch)

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  • Exotic, where do you get your T's

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  • Dude you have a go pro now juse it more often, some day we hear nothing more of you just becose you gut biten by your tarantulas (the deadly one) for fu** sake.

    VelociraptorhunterVelociraptorhunterIl y a 2 mois
  • So when will you get a real camera it is real hard to watch these cring videos? The quality is very bad you should take me up on my offer to buy you a good camera 📸📸📸

    ScapularBoreScapularBoreIl y a 2 mois
  • I have a male OBT but I don't want to risk it getting eaten.

    War CrimesWar CrimesIl y a 2 mois
  • What Tarantula is Aragog based off ? I'd like to get one & build a cool cage like you did

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  • I love the chill ones but those defensive one make me die of laughter

    The brawl gamerThe brawl gamerIl y a 2 mois
  • Such a nice video! Actually it's pretty cool to see that type of content, keep it up!

    Elyséa LARUEElyséa LARUEIl y a 2 mois
  • Tarantula is cute

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  • honestly seeing the crazy rehouse is fun but this chill one is just as good. So cute!

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  • Imagine dad in your house 💀💀💀💀

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  • Hey exotics lair! Ive been a fan of yours as long as about 3-4 years and you helped me pick out the absolute perfect t for me and you taught me almost everything i know about them keep doing your thing man!!

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  • E

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  • Hey bro been watching for a while And just wanted to know have you ever accidently killed a T

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  • Enjoy.tonight X999999999

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  • Why other guys are afraid of their tarantula? Well i hand feed my tarantula🤷‍♂️

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  • I miss being a Tarantula keeper, I had 17 but then my job made it difficult to care for them. So I gave them away to other hobbyists. I especially miss my Arizona Blonde

    PHEONIX5sPHEONIX5sIl y a 2 mois
  • only peaceful tarantulas for now

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  • PSYCHO Tarantulas

    BBR WILDBBR WILDIl y a 2 mois
    • Me too :D™

      spidyspidyIl y a mois
    • I would love to take care of a t and i qa wondering are rose hairs good for a first timer. If not what t would be the best

      Themetalknight200Themetalknight200Il y a 2 mois
    • Uhm.

      PatrickPatrickIl y a 2 mois
    • :O

      •Creamy Scotch••Creamy Scotch•Il y a 2 mois

      •Creamy Scotch••Creamy Scotch•Il y a 2 mois
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