Escaped Tarantula was Living in my Aircond ?!! 😱

24 mars 2021
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    AlphICEter lifeAlphICEter lifeIl y a 4 heures
  • imagine if it was The OBT [Orange Baboon Tarantula]

    Angelo WallsAngelo WallsIl y a 12 heures
  • Why do females eat the males anyway??

    Alliance Special OperationsAlliance Special OperationsIl y a 14 heures
  • That tarantula: lemme just annoy you some more

    Caig BoutCaig BoutIl y a jour
  • I would be like : so ive been breathing spider air for a day ....... neat

    Caig BoutCaig BoutIl y a jour
  • Thanks to your channel even an arachnophobic like me feel I would like to try holding a tarantula. Very beautiful and elegant animals. Huntsman spiders really freak me out still though😅

    RaumfahrtmedizinRaumfahrtmedizinIl y a jour
  • Tarantula:Its over I have the high ground

    RogueZeroRogueZeroIl y a 2 jours
  • My man you got great big ass balls!! Old world on your arm and shit 😱

    Harvey Jones woodsmanHarvey Jones woodsmanIl y a 3 jours
  • He probably just didn't wanna die by her.

    Mary MikelMary MikelIl y a 3 jours
  • Me:Maybe Spiders are not that bad :) The next day: *sees a spider*. *SCARED FOR MY LIFE*

    Jemma HanleyJemma HanleyIl y a 3 jours
  • Had two lizards dive into my air conditioner and they went into the blades, couldn't clean it - air stunk. Had to throw it out. Be careful with critters around the AC unit.

    David WalkerDavid WalkerIl y a 3 jours
  • That’s where the spider went????

    Mr.GoodmanMr.GoodmanIl y a 3 jours
  • Showed this chanel to my friend (he has a major fear of spiders) to show him that spiders aren't only dangerous so now I'm in the hospital telling him how sorry I am (he fainted)

    Shaun LinstromShaun LinstromIl y a 3 jours
  • Oooopopo

    Familya AlderiteFamilya AlderiteIl y a 3 jours
  • Im yeeting that spider

    BrokenreaperBrokenreaperIl y a 4 jours
  • There was a giant black spider on my curtain and it scared the heck out of me

    BrokenreaperBrokenreaperIl y a 4 jours
  • are you smoking 0:59

    EinariusEinariusIl y a 4 jours
  • it literally gave me a heart attack..and he is laughing..

  • That's the disadvantage of having so many spiders: some can escape without you even knowing

    Filippo ContigianiFilippo ContigianiIl y a 5 jours
  • He is so confident towards the spider. I was scared that he was gonna get bit!

    Thomas AndargeThomas AndargeIl y a 5 jours
  • Uhhh, imaging that if it was female tarantula, and if she did laid a eggs in there. Tsk tsk....

    Tabitha BabinTabitha BabinIl y a 6 jours
  • I literally had a ni9ghtmare about a huge spider chasing me last night....why am i watching this

    Chair Stopping FilmsChair Stopping FilmsIl y a 7 jours
  • Once he climbed up and started filming him climbed out looked like something out of a horror movie

    Lucas WilliamsLucas WilliamsIl y a 7 jours
  • If it was me that aircon will be getting replaced 😆

    Lucas WilliamsLucas WilliamsIl y a 7 jours
  • Exotics walked in on the aftermath of a domestic dispute, and the male was just walking off some steam and lost his way 🤣

    Ruth RichardsonRuth RichardsonIl y a 7 jours
  • He is sooo brave like if there was a tarantula on my air conditioner I would be like adios house see ya never and burn it on fire

    Bacon hair_amryBacon hair_amryIl y a 8 jours
  • He knows when you come in closer

    Johan CahyadiJohan CahyadiIl y a 8 jours
  • ʜᴀʜᴀʜᴀʜᴀʜʜᴀʜ xᴅᴅᴅᴅᴅ ᴛʜɪs ɪs ʀᴇᴀʟʟʏ ᴄᴏᴏʟ ᴛʜᴏ :/

    Jacob OoflyJacob OoflyIl y a 8 jours
  • This guy is really a brave person onto tarantulas. Looks like this guy got no Arachno. well, you know.

    Trickzter28Trickzter28Il y a 8 jours
  • im out

    Helen RobinsonHelen RobinsonIl y a 8 jours
  • How could he hold a tarantula while when ever I see the most tinniest spider I run and scream like I see a tarantula....anyone could relate?

    The laughing / funny asmrThe laughing / funny asmrIl y a 8 jours
  • Is he smoking at the beginning?

    Dtron198Dtron198Il y a 8 jours
  • So did you close the lid???

    Malkia RosèMalkia RosèIl y a 9 jours

    Metin GeçiciMetin GeçiciIl y a 9 jours
  • Tarantula: I don’t see a god up here BUT ME

    Mysty :pMysty :pIl y a 9 jours
  • He really came out of the air con when exotic got close. It was the spider knew him..

    Jules WJules WIl y a 9 jours

    Katie PriceKatie PriceIl y a 9 jours
  • That’s like pog

    SchooliusSchooliusIl y a 10 jours
  • Is that a clock spider !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❕❗❗❕❗❕❗❗❕❗❕❗❕❗❗❕

    the alone chickthe alone chickIl y a 10 jours
  • why are his back legs bent like that

    help i need vänkehelp i need vänkeIl y a 10 jours
    • Ikr spider looks like it has deformities

      Bloodfun2585Bloodfun2585Il y a 4 jours
  • Him: I was just thinking of what new content to upload. Tarantula:CAN I BE CONTENT and comes out of the aircond Me:wow just wow

    Elayna_gamerElayna_gamerIl y a 10 jours
  • Exotics lair just made me want to get a Tarantula

    Caroline MurphyCaroline MurphyIl y a 10 jours
  • 2:55 most terrifying thing I've seen in my life 😬

    Elle LouiseElle LouiseIl y a 10 jours
  • Why....why you gotta upload this on my birthday....thank lord I didn’t see it then I would of had nightmares 100% XD

    KingMickeyKingMickeyIl y a 10 jours
  • lol i want that camra give me that cam

    damen kellumdamen kellumIl y a 11 jours
  • I like tarantula

    Daniel MachDaniel MachIl y a 11 jours
  • Dude, watching that tarantula's long legs moving around like fingers was like watching a horror film lol. I got shivers. xD

    Skarlecia TheDragonMasterSkarlecia TheDragonMasterIl y a 11 jours
  • The spider be like: Lets do camera tapping asmr

    lps sammakkolps sammakkoIl y a 11 jours
  • I like the randomness. 🤣

    Angie ThompsonAngie ThompsonIl y a 11 jours
  • O MY GOD WHAT HAPND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????////!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????!?!?????

    Hyman FamilyHyman FamilyIl y a 11 jours
  • Talking so casually while the tarantula is on his arm... Bro ur dope...

    Ken CarlsonKen CarlsonIl y a 11 jours
  • Ha

    Abdi 344Abdi 344Il y a 11 jours
  • Ya never stop them form getting more on your arm

    Chris BahnChris BahnIl y a 12 jours
  • i love how you care spiders uwu

  • when you are wondering where your spider gone and you are just like "eh ok"

    respectthefishrespectthefishIl y a 12 jours
  • My dude you got balls of steel any other ordinary man would have been screaming his flipping head off, with you It's like ... Hahahaha that tickles.😂

    Pablo HernandezPablo HernandezIl y a 12 jours
  • he just wanted to play hide & seek :(

    Drake PiaDrake PiaIl y a 12 jours
  • 2:46 imagine fixing your air cond and then you see this

    Jake AshtonJake AshtonIl y a 12 jours
  • How the hell the spider escaped and did he lifted the door and he came out

    Yati PatelYati PatelIl y a 12 jours
  • Him to catch a spider: a pot , a brush, a box Me: *calls spider patrol

    Suheda BirbenSuheda BirbenIl y a 12 jours
  • exotics lair:*dosent want to get bitten* also exotics lair:*buys dangerous spidees*

    joe minajoe minaIl y a 12 jours
  • I would be so scared to do tha😨😯😦😦

    Steve AckroydSteve AckroydIl y a 12 jours
  • nothing makes a better video than finding your old world tarantula in your ac and picking him up to get him out

    Wheelz 116Wheelz 116Il y a 13 jours
  • 3:04 *do not close your eyes*

    blazing dragonblazing dragonIl y a 13 jours
  • Usually I don't like spiders/tarantulas but now I find them funny and smart creatures.

    justno RBLXjustno RBLXIl y a 13 jours
  • *Aircond*

    STK_ DreamSTK_ DreamIl y a 13 jours
  • Are you smoking?

    Jessica GirlJessica GirlIl y a 13 jours
  • He is HUGE !! WTF I did not expect that !

    June ValkyriaFreyasonJune ValkyriaFreyasonIl y a 13 jours
  • He loved the air conditioner , he's the jhonny bravo of your spiders

    Mythical Creatures FantasyMythical Creatures FantasyIl y a 13 jours
  • When you told him to come out and he listened lol that was magical. Good job dude.

    SmolSquishyTaeilSmolSquishyTaeilIl y a 13 jours
  • Did you leave the enclosure open and walk away?

    Julia EasterJulia EasterIl y a 13 jours
  • 3:45, I was holding my breath the whole time. 😨

    BuzzLeenWiBuzzLeenWiIl y a 14 jours
  • I propose to rename that guy Scoffield 🤭🤔 Ps: you are officially NUUUTS🤯🤯🤯

    crouskicrouskiIl y a 14 jours
  • One day, the next owner of this house: *Wha- why is there tarantula webbing in the air conditioner-*

    Moonlight Shimmer the Rain-Night HybridMoonlight Shimmer the Rain-Night HybridIl y a 14 jours
  • #GrandmaStoleAPottery

    Barrie.2xBarrie.2xIl y a 14 jours
  • He escaped because he was having an argument with his wifey and then he ran when she got hella angry

    Amal BackerAmal BackerIl y a 14 jours
  • I'll say this again. The last thing I EVER want to hear is "Where on earth did it go" with a Tarantula on the loose.

    TweedildeTweedildeIl y a 14 jours
  • That’s why you should always keep your pets in a leash!

    V NV NIl y a 14 jours
  • Suzi six man

    barrylou almojuelabarrylou almojuelaIl y a 14 jours
  • Turantula: ba ba bish El:omg lol how did you get up there!? Me:LMAO

    Patrick GuizarPatrick GuizarIl y a 14 jours
  • Why do they not bite you

    Christiaan Van GreunenChristiaan Van GreunenIl y a 14 jours
  • I have a aircold but mine is cold

    Summer RainingSummer RainingIl y a 14 jours
  • me with arachnophobia: 💀💀 My heart a thousand an hour: bitch mare I'm going to moriiiie

    TIKI Gaming :DTIKI Gaming :DIl y a 14 jours
  • This gave me so much anxiety while watching you try to catch him

    NevaehAndXFriendsNevaehAndXFriendsIl y a 14 jours
  • Really impressed how quick and we'll you got that T captured. Well done!

    Shirah GantmanShirah GantmanIl y a 15 jours
  • no 😭

    memento morimemento moriIl y a 15 jours
  • I love how he just laughs and acts like if it’s nomarl

    Diego MunguiaDiego MunguiaIl y a 15 jours
  • Nobody not gonna ask why there’s smoke

    Luis CarranzaLuis CarranzaIl y a 15 jours
  • time to mesh over the AC opening

    Ldy WolfLdy WolfIl y a 15 jours
  • The tarantula be like: "i see no god up here, other than me"

    Bum BumBum BumIl y a 15 jours
  • idk how your so brave to put your hand near the Tarantula im really scared of seeing spiders in real life like right next to me

    Hailey YokHailey YokIl y a 15 jours
  • What happens if u play with a trantula?

    Akari AtsumiAkari AtsumiIl y a 15 jours
  • Dang bro you have spider scent Is that right spelling let me know

    SADFROgySADFROgyIl y a 15 jours
  • I love this channel but I’m mortified of spiders this made me 75% more paranoid

    Roblox gaming FunRoblox gaming FunIl y a 15 jours
  • The day before my mum's birthday. I guess its a birthday present

    its meh CHLOE!!!its meh CHLOE!!!Il y a 15 jours
  • good job man :)

    Hranolka 800Hranolka 800Il y a 15 jours
  • "i'm literaly sweating right now" 😂😂😂 I know this situation perfectly

    Jyvaine orchidsJyvaine orchidsIl y a 15 jours
  • I would just die inside if i saw this in my home!

    Alexandra MocsáriAlexandra MocsáriIl y a 15 jours
  • Thank god he wasn't eaten and didn't get mushed in the fan. He is one clever dude. Respect to the little fella. Also what if your mum had come in?

    SAM TREADSSAM TREADSIl y a 15 jours
  • that dude just squish his way out

    A Random Mexican DudeA Random Mexican DudeIl y a 16 jours